Heterotaxy Connection Any Way 5k

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

116 Spring View Branch Dallas, GA


Preliminary results are in! We only had 5 people report their finish times as of today (May 16th). I am going to hold off on sending out awards until the end of the week, just in case y'all are forgetful, like me. If you would like to be included in the results and considered for a hand-painted race medal, email your name and race results to fundraising@heterotaxyconnection.org

Great job to all who participated! We had a total of 31 registrants...not bad for the first year! Stay tuned next year for a bigger and better event! 

Women 20-29

Emily Ward (34 minutes, 16 seconds)

Women 30-39

Monica Bloom (60 minutes, 0 seconds)

Dana Johnson (60 minutes, 5 seconds)

Men 30-39 

Michael Bloom (60 minutes, 0 seconds)

Women 40-49

Karina Davis (58 minutes, 5 seconds)

Women 50-59

Michelle Rindy (48 minutes, 22 seconds)

Women Bicycle Division

Marie Sloan (29 minutes, 15 seconds


Bib Name Sex Age Hometown Event Sex Div Plc Time